Jose Jorge HERNANDEZ (Joe)
IT Engineer
by: Guillermo CUENCA

Joe was born in TorreĆ³n, Coahuila, Mexico, to Mexican mother and American descendant father now residing in Mexico City. He is a software engineer specializing in telecommunications, web development, and graphics. From a young age, Joe exhibited a fervent passion for exploration, technology, travel, and culture. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Mexican Valley University, graduating in 2009, and obtained a Computer Science degree in 2004.

An artist at heart, Jorge has always been drawn to various forms of art, including music composition (piano), drawing, and design.

Driven by a shared enthusiasm for the technology sector within his family, Joe embarked on ambitious projects early in his career. He is currently focused on expanding his global network, cultivating a distinguished track record in research and development, and has contributed his expertise to renowned companies such as IBM, Motorola, Huawei, and Thales. Joe possesses a deep-seated interest in global cultures and has engaged in telecommunications research initiatives. Additionally, he has successfully completed major freelance projects spanning movie production, marketing, web development, and digital design, garnering praise from diverse client bases.

Joe boasts a plethora of professional certifications, including Object-Oriented Design on Rational, Maya Modeling, Huawei MGC and MGW Management, Huawei URP Platform Integration, IBM Software Associate, IBM Database Administrator (DBA) for DB2, Motorola Marketing Specialist, ITIL v3, CMMI, and RUP protocols, among others.

In his professional capacity, Joe has played an instrumental role in organizing numerous conferences in Mexico City, participated as an Adobe Student Volunteer at Adobe Symposium, and served as a longstanding Mozilla Campus Representative.

Presently, Joe is immersed in Practical Professional Development, applying his academic knowledge as a Digital Systems Engineer to impactful projects. He continues to refine his skills as a developer, administrator, manager, and designer while keeping abreast of emerging concepts in internet-related technologies and telecommunications.

Joe’s portfolio includes several notable developments for major corporations, alongside a myriad of graphic designs, web projects, digital photography, and successful marketing campaigns.

Outside of work, Joe enjoys tennis and swimming, indulges in video games, engages in photography and blogging, and finds solace in playing the piano.